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  • Welcome to our site! [Skiing for Smarten]; one of the most comprehensive snowrider travel sites on the internet! This page is intended to serve as a gateway to our more comprehensive snow ski/snowboard trip travel pages which follow. We offer a) "first class" out-of-state ski and snowboard trips [we call our trips "snowrider safaris"]; b) to some of the most exotic/exciting worldwide snowrider destinations imaginable; c) in a fun-filled "group" setting; d) at lower prices than essentially anyone else in the ski travel industry!

    Unlike your local travel agent we're not a full service travel agency. As such don't offer all ski travel things to all snowriders during all periods of the winter season! Instead we make you part of a larger "group" creating the vehicle which allows you to benefit from the economies of: a) group pricing; b) administration; and, c) true camaraderie. If you have the flexibility to change your "wish list" choice of snowrider venue[s]/date[s] of travel to ours, then with us you will: d) save money; e) realize greater value; and, f) experience a more fulfilling ski/snowboard vacation/holiday. On the other hand if you don't, then that's what retail travel agents are for and there are literally thousands of them out there more than happy to take your "retail" dollars!

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